My weekend started off at 5:15 am, getting ready for my first half marathon. My sister and I ran the Urban Wildlife half on Richfield, MN. We both finished with smiles on our faces and celebrated at a wonderful restaurant, Good Day Cafe, great brunch food! I got an egg while omelet with roasted vegetables and Good Day Potatoes.


My sister lives in downtown Minneapolis, so after a little rest we walked to the Mill City Farmers Market and from Solomon’s Bakery got gluten free almond muffins. They were delicious. The top of the muffin had the texture of an angel food cake with the taste of almond, nutty, and sweet. I would recommend stopping there if you are ever in Minneapolis.


Sunday, my husband and I went to the MN Twins baseball game. Beautiful day to enjoy a game along with Angie’s kettle corn. A local company that makes a variety of kettle corn. It is my favorite at the game. The Twins also won! Other favorites included a helmet of nachos, baked potato bar, and Cuban sandwich.



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