Labor Day-Apple Day

For the last nine years my husband and I have gone to local apple orchards on Labor Day. It started when we were going to college in Mankato, MN. We would make the short drive to Belle Plaine and Jordan, MN. Where along highway 169, three apple orchards exsit. This time we invited my sister to come with us. We started with lunch at Emma Krumbee’s, followed by You-Pick Raspberries. Emma Krumbee’s has apples and raspberries to pick and also pies and other baked goods to purchase. In the fall they have a scarecrow contest.

photo-3 copy          photo-2 copy          photo-1 copy

Our next stop was Minnesota Harvest. In the last few years, this orchard has seen some changes. But, it is coming back strong. Here we picked a variety of apples.


The last stop on our Labor Day-Apple Day trip was our favorite, Jim’s Apple Farm, otherwise known as the Big Yellow Barn. Not only do they have apples,but hundreds of candy, puzzles, glass bottled pop. Be on the look out for the large light outside the building, because when the light is on, there are fresh pies being made! Careful, when you pick one up, it will be hot!!! My choice was a fresh caramel apple (I ate it before I even got home).


Once again, it was a great Labor Day, and I was so very happy to share it with my sister. If they say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away-we should be good for weeks!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Labor Day!


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