Colorado Springs Trip

This past weekend my family took a long weekend trip to Colorado Springs. Arriving on Thursday evening in the rain, we drove from Denver to my cousin’s house in Colorado Springs. The news that evening was all about the rain and flooding in Boulder, which was so scary and sad to see. We all went to bed hoping for a sunny Friday.

Waking up the next morning, still sprinkling, we decided to venture out anyway. Our first stop was to be the Garden of the Gods. Unfortunately, that morning the park was closed, due to the fast running water near the road. Continuing our journey we drove to Old Colorado City. This area has a cute downtown, with unique shops and restaurants. We were able to walk around and found a winery, with all locally made wine, called The Sweet Elephant. After some shopping, we traveled onto the zoo and fed the  giraffes, they were very hungry!

image image image

Saturday, the sun came out and we traveled to the Garden of the Gods for round two, and were able to stop before the adventure up to Pike’s Peak. A drive that took us up to an elevation of 14,110 feet! Beautiful views and fudge!

image  image  image

After that trip we needed replenishing! Stopped at another winery with local wine and onto Manitou Springs, which was seeing the effect of the rain, with roads washed out and rushing creeks. To tide us over back to Colorado Springs, I bought taffy from Pasty’s Candies and played a few arcade games.

image  image  image  image  image  image

We had a great trip and I hope that rain subsides soon. Keep Colorado in your thoughts as they cope with the flooding.


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