Jazzed Wild Rice


I love wild rice, in soup or salad. No time to make soup for supper tonight, but way too cold for salad. Choose to jazz it up-added half can black beans, corn, mushrooms, broccoli, raisins, and a touch of parmesan cheese and black pepper.

Hit the spot!


Baby it’s even colder!!!

Friday the Governor announced all schools would be closed on Monday, due to the extreme cold. Today, Monday, the Twin Cities reached a real feel temperature of -45. Super cold! The news is calling it Polar Vortex. So what do you make to warm your whole self? Soup!

I raided the pantry, found two cans cannelloni beans and diced tomatoes. Added onion, carrots, corn, and kale. Simmered and added seasonings.

Needless to say it warmed me and I have enough leftovers for tomorrow’s negative degree day.