Rainy weather, warm thoughts

The 7 day forecast is on repeat, rain and wind all through the week. That could be why I have felt the need to warm up with baking and cooking. Anything to take my mind of the rain pounding against the windows. Sunday afternoon, after stocking up on some books, I batten down the hatches in the kitchen. I made up a large batch of quinoa and pasta. And frozen the corn pasta with vegetables and part of the quinoa. Using up 2 red bell peppers and and avocado, I made stuffed peppers.

They made a delicious and easy supper tonight, just pop in oven and bake about 40 minutes and serve with whatever side, I chose a bed of romain lettuce.

2 peppers cut in half
Quinoa, with whatever seasoning rocks you
Avocado, chopped
About a 1/4 cup corn
Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes



What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas?

I just got back from a week in Las Vegas with friends, the warmth and sun felt so good on my Minnesotan body. We had such a great time; seeing the sights and eating. Mostly eating! Two recommendations if you are planning a trip (this I cannot keep in Vegas).
1. Hash House A Go Go
They have a few locations in Vegas, but there is one on the Strip. Specializing in made from scratch food and large portions, this place will satisfy any hunger! I ordered an egg scramble with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese, my husband the largest plate on the menu! Pork Benedict, the pork was larger than his head and under $16.00! Go there if you are in Vegas.

2. Sushi?
Go to RA for delicious sushi and the best wine ever! A plum wine, Kinsen Plum Wine, I have had my share of wine, but this was the best.

After a great trip, that is all I can share from my Vegas trip.